Hi beach lovers. We first sold this through Hammacher Schlemmer many  years ago, and  they sold as many as  we  could make at 49.95 + shipping. We now offer it  on our  web site www.sandless blanket.com at 44.95 and 39.95 + shipping via FedEx.

There are many “sandless” blankets out there today. Some use a plastic type mat that the army used to prevent sand from entering the repair areas of the equipment they were repairing in the sandy environments. And it works…. the sand goes through the top and does not come back up. If you notice though in the pictures of these “sandless blankets” the user is not sitting on the manmade, plastic? material. The users sit on a towel. Why. Because the mat gets hot and who wants   to sit or lay on plastic. The Original Sandless Beach Blanket tm, is a 100% soft cotton top. It migrates the sand to the bottom cotton poly layer, dries quickly, is comfortable to lay on, and can be used 12 months a year as a bed covering or a cozy wrap while waiting tv on a cold night. So, look at our video and enjoy a sand-free day at the beach.