summer sale with 100% gurantee*

Originally $44.95 Use exclusive $10 Facebook offer FB10 at checkout to save $10 on this purchase. Act now offer is limited.
Don’t get tricked by imitation plastic blankets!
You are buying The Original Sandless Beach Blanket that has a 100% cotton top and cotton poly bottom. The “imitation sandless blankets” require you to lay a beach towel on top because they are rough and way too hot. Our Sandless beach blanket owns the original patent and many of those original blankets are still in use 25 years later!
As well as being The Original SANDLESS BEACH BLANKET, it is also a great sheet and blanket for camping, or for your house guests. The top is open weave cotton blanket that is perfect for warm or cool nights, and the bottom is a cotton-polyester blended fabric that serves as a wrinkle-free, comfortable sheet.
Order today so you can spend a sand free day at the beach, or to give as gifts.

  • If our blanket is not more  comfortable and fails  to keep  the sand off you we  will  refund the purchase price


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