Going to the beach can be fun but having to deal with sand all over your house, car, and personal items isn’t—and the culprit is often your child. Of course, when you find the evidence and try to talk some sense into your little one, they just put on that innocent face. You don’t have to deal with this nonsense. It’s time you stand up for yourself and order Sandless beach blanket for your kids.

Here are three ways you can keep your kids’ sand-free with our sand-resistant blanket:

  • Turn your trip to the beach into a potato sack race

Before your kids reach the sandy area, lay your sand-proof beach blankets on the ground. Have both you and your child stand in the middle of your respective blankets. Then lift each corner to form your very own potato sack. You’re now ready to choose a direction and hop your way to the finish line. Once you reach your destination, you can turn your potato sack back into a blanket. Without ever touching the sand. Your child will be so tired from jumping that they’ll be worn out by the end of the day.

  • Create a play area using multiple beach blankets

When you order more than one sand-resistant blanket, you’ll be able to create a mini play area for your child when at the beach. Imagine with them that the sand is lava and that the blankets are the only safe area for them to step on. They’ll have a blast jumping from one blanket to the other and have no idea that you’re just trying to keep them sand-free. It’s the perfect plan!

  • Piggyback rides at the Beach

Kids enjoy piggyback rides, so why not give them one! Then someone can lay down your own sand-proof beach blanket for you.  You can conveniently lay them down on the blanket and wrap them up like a they’re the treasure they are. They’ll love the sandless blanket, since they’ll be so comfortable in the blanket itself. They will enjoy the comfort of their blanket and then possibly decide to take a nap right then and there. Keeping them sand-free!

All three of these strategies using our Sandless blanket should work like a charm to keep your kids’ sand-free. You’ll no longer have to find sand in your home, car, or personal belongings again—or you’ll at least see much less of it. Let us know what other strategies you’ve come up with to keep your kids’ sand-free with our sand resistant blankets!

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