Thanks to all those that are taking advantage of this sale. When we first sold the original sandless blanket through Hammacher Schlemmer, it sold for 49.95 + shipping and handling, and they sold thousands at that price. Now they sell plastic sandless blankets that do indeed work, but who wants to lay on plastic. ok is it lay or lie?

Our customers like the 100% cotton quick-drying blanket and they also use it to keep warm as the sun goes down. We even had a customer that used it as bedsheets /blankets because the bottom of the original sandless beach blanket is cotton-poly just like a bedsheet.

Soon we will have a side-by-side video with the new original sandless beach blanket next to the original sold by Hammacher Schlemmer almost 30 years ago. It still looks great and works just like the new one.  Enjoy a  sand-free day at the beach.