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Revolutionary Sand-Free Beach Blanket

Blankets are boring, but our sand-free beach blanket isn’t—it’s revolutionary! You can practically use it anywhere. During a college lecture, at home in front of a fireplace, in your RV, on a boat, or even at the beach. We know that last one is a real shock, but it’s true! We’ve got the only US-patented sand-free beach blanket that we know of. We deliver our sand-free beach blanket worldwide, so you can order it from anywhere! This multi-use better blanket is three products in one—comfortable bedding, a cozy blanket, and a soft towel.

Features of our outdoor picnic blanket/sand-free beach blanket include:

Pocket for your phone, keys, and other belongings
100% cotton top layerPolyester/cotton bottom layer
Machine washable
60” W x 80” L
A Sandless life
And more…

Our team at Sandless Blanket wants to bring a comfortable sand-free blanket into your life. You can snuggle with your sandless blanket at home, on your boat, camping, or in your RV. Order your Sandless Beach Blanket today!