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Revolutionary Sand-Free Beach Blanket

Blankets are boring, but our sand-free beach blanket isn’t—it’s revolutionary! You can practically use it anywhere. During a college lecture, at home in front of a fireplace, in your RV, on a boat, or even at the beach. We know that last one is a real shock, but it’s true! We’ve got the only US-patented sand-free beach blanket that we know of. We deliver our sand-free beach blanket worldwide, so you can order it from anywhere! This multi-use better blanket is three products in one—comfortable bedding, a cozy blanket, and a soft towel.

Features of our outdoor picnic blanket/sand-free beach blanket include:

  • Pocket for your phone, keys, and other belongings
  • 100% cotton top layer
  • Polyester/cotton bottom layer
  • Machine washable
  • 60” W x 80” L
  • A Sandless life
  • And more.

Our team at Sandless Blanket wants to bring a comfortable sand-free blanket into your life. You can snuggle with your sandless blanket at home, on your boat, camping, or in your RV. Order your Sandless Beach Blanket today!

Buy Now

The Original Sandless Blanket is now $29.95 for the first blanket and 15% off for each additional blanket!  
ACT NOW, this Offer is limited!

Our patented Sandless Beach Blanket keeps you and your beach items free of sand all day! Don't be fooled by cheap plastic imitators. The imitations require you to lay a beach towel on top because they aren't comfortable, and they retain heat.