Sandless Blanket

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As well as being The Original SANDLESS BEACH BLANKET, it is also a great sheet and blanket for camping, fishing, relaxing in your RV, or for your house guests. The top is a cotton, open weave blanket that is perfect for warm or cool nights, and the bottom is a cotton-polyester blended fabric that serves as a wrinkle-free, comfortable sheet. You’ll want the best beach blanket for all of your overnight guests, and maybe for yourself, too!


Order our Sandless Beach Blanket today so you can spend a sand free day at the beach, or to give as gifts.

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Buy 2 or more for 15% off each!



The Sandless Blanket is designed to help keep sand off you and your belongings or personal items, helping to create a more enjoyable experience at the beach. Its patented double-layer construction allows sand to pass through the open-weave, 100% cotton top layer, then traps it away from the surface on the bottom cotton/polyester layer. This Sandless Beach Blanket is sewn on three sides only, allowing you to easily rid trapped sand through its fourth side with a simple shake. Its large cotton/polyester corner pocket provides storage for magazines, sunglasses, keys, and other small accessories. 60” W x 80” L (3 lbs.)

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Weight 6 lbs