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Happy Camper Beach Products

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About Us

It’s back! We are re-introducing the SANDLESS BEACH BLANKET so you can once again enjoy a sand free day at the beach. Our patented beach blanket keeps you and your beach items free of sand all day!

The Sandless Beach Blanket for Less

When we first introduced the SANDLESS BEACH BLANKET it was sold through the famous, 168-year-old Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue for $49.95, plus shipping. They successfully sold as many as we could produce.

Now, you can purchase the SANDLESS BEACH BLANKET directly from us, the manufacturer, for $29.95 for one, and $24.95 for two, plus s & h.

Our blanket does not allow sand to remain on the surface of the blanket, and removes any sand clinging to your skin by contact with the blanket surface. The top surface is soft, 100% cotton, and comfortable to lie on.

As well as being The Original SANDLESS BEACH BLANKET, it is also a great sheet and blanket for camping, or for your house guests.

An excellent feature is that one side of the blanket is open. When your day is done at the beach simply lift the blanket, and the sand slides back out to the beach. 

NO MORE shaking sand all over your downwind neighbor. Also, the pocket is a great way for keeping your personal items out of public view. Plus, the SANDLESS BEACH BLANKET dries quickly, and can be washed in warm water, and dried on a normal setting.