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Happy Camper Beach Products

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How our Lightweight Cotton Anti-Sand Beach Blanket Works

Our lightweight cotton throw blanket is so much more than a beach blanket. Its strategic makeup makes it the ultimate anti-sand beach blanket our generation.

What makes it an anti-sand beach blanket?

This is the original patented Sandless Beach Blanket! It’s the only sandless beach blanket that’s received a US patent.

Our blanket is only sewn on three sides. When you’re at the beach, you’re bound to get at least a little sand on you at some point. When you lay down on this blanket you can comfortably push the sand off your body, knowing that it will quickly disappear from your sight.

Every time you touch the blanket, the sand migrates off the blanket itself, or vanishes by going through the cotton layer of the blanket. This is where the open end of the blanket comes in handy. When you lift your anti-sand beach blanket once you’re ready to finally go home, all the sand rushes out, making the blanket ready for your car and home.

More Amazing Features

Our lightweight cotton throw blanket also has a pocket conveniently located at the corner. This will keep your keys, phone, wallet, and other belongings out of the sun and away from people who pass by. You don’t want to get sand stuck in your phone case, because that’s not coming out for years. Besides, anything with a pocket is better than no pocket. It’s just a fact.

Materials & Cleaning

The blanket’s top layer is 100% cotton, while the bottom is a beautiful polyester/cotton sheet. It’s perfectly safe to wash this lightweight cotton throw blanket in the washing machine and then place it in the dryer as well.

This better beach blanket is ideal for camping, fishing trips, boating, relaxing in your RV, or for your house guests. Contact our team of professionals at with any questions you have about our anti-sand beach blanket.